Female Hair Loss

The results have been absolutely unbelievable. I have a completely new hairline after just 9 months, which is better than I could have imagined.

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Female Hair Loss

If you require hair loss treatments for women, Enhance Hair Restoration provide an unrivalled service at our clinics across The UK. Female hair loss is a topic that not even the world’s most recognised beauty experts like to talk about. However, here at Enhance Hair Restoration, we provide innovative hair transplants for women. Our leading Doctors soon realised that women who lose their hair have limited options, and that is why we offer services that focus on the particular needs of women. Not only can women get the kind of hair transplanting services they need to get back their confidence, but they also have access to a huge library of resources they can use to educate themselves.

It is a fact that one out of every three women experiences some form of hair loss, yet the idea of women losing their hair has a significant stigma attached to it. For men, hair loss is treated as not only a natural part of ageing, but it even offers a certain sense of dignity. Women with hair loss need confidentiality and a private place to have their hair loss problems handled, and that is exactly what Enhance Hair Restoration, and their staff offer with our female hair loss treatments.

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Hair Loss Treatment For Women

We offer the focus approach to hair loss treatment for women that is sorely needed, and we do so with privacy and respect. Women who are experiencing hair loss can contact Enhance Hair Restoration offices today to get the answers to their questions and set up a private consultation for female hair loss treatments. Women can count on Enhance Hair Restoration to provide private and professional consultations and services, in regards to hair transplants for women. While female hair loss is often traced back to a history of hair loss in the family, other factors can also result in hair issues.

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Hair Transplant For Women

You will find the causes of women’s hair loss below.

• Changes in hormones often associated with pregnancy or ageing
• A decision to abruptly stop taking birth control medication
• Tumours on the ovaries
• As symptoms of post-partum or post-menopausal stages
• Medication used to treat a thyroid issue, or other types of medication
• A problem with the thyroid gland
• Stress
• Trauma caused by various types of surgery
• Diet issues such as crash diets, a loss of certain nutrients in the diet, or bulimia
• Lupus
• Tension caused by certain hairstyles that tend to pull the hair very tight

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Female Hair Loss

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