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Facial Hair Loss Treatment

Although most of our procedures remain dealing with the hair on the head, other treatments are becoming increasingly popular including our facial hair loss treatments. In order to reach the level of comfort and confidence many of our patients are hoping to achieve we are now able to offer hair replacement treatments to other areas of the face. Facial hair loss, whether it be the brow, beard, etc is not often spoken about, but with the right Doctors, offering the most advanced procedures, it is becoming much more widely available.

Here at Enhance Hair Restoration, we are pleased to be able to offer a range of facial hair loss treatments which you can see below.

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Our facial hair loss treatments

  • Eyebrows
    Whether you have thinning eyebrows due to over grooming, illness or medical treatments, rest assured we can help. These days much emphasis is placed on the shape, thickness and colour of eyebrows, and they can indeed have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the face. This type of facial hair transplant surgery can be completed in only one session, but much care and attention is necessary to place the hairs in the optimum position to achieve the best results. Here at Enhance Hair Restoration, we can assure you that our Doctors are fully versed in this type of procedure, and you will be delighted with the outcome.
  • Sideburns
    Here at Enhance Hair Restoration, we are able to offer microsurgery to produce a natural looking hairline on the side of the face. In this facial hair treatment the hair can be removed from the scalp and placed in the area in front of the ears. Whilst men often have this treatment to re-introduce sideburns, women may choose it after facial surgery if their hairline is further back following a face-lift. Our surgeons will discuss your requirements to identify the right treatment to achieve the results you desire.
  • Beards & Moustaches
    Beards & moustaches
    Following the popular trend to display fuller beards and moustaches, we have found that this procedure is growing in popularity. We are able to remove hair from the scalp and transplant it into the face in a careful and evenly distributed manner. You might choose this to enhance the thickness of your beard, or maybe that area is a little patchy and you are looking for a more even appearance. Whatever your requirement with facial hair loss treatments, we are happy to discuss the best options available to you and to get you on your journey to feeling as confident as you deserve.

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