What are the top three reasons for hair loss in men under 25?

We often associate hair loss with age. The older you get the more likely you are to succumb to some level of hair loss. Be it slightly thinning, or losing your full head of hair, it remains a sensitive topic amongst much of the male population. But what about those who start to lose their hair whilst still in their 20s? Although this is not as common it is still an issue that justifies some discussion. It’s important not to panic if you are in your early 20s and you notice more hair loss than usual. Hair loss these days is a treatable and often preventable condition. Depending on the reasons for the hair loss there are different procedures to consider. If you are under 25 years of age, then the sooner you take action the better. There are several possibilities for what causes hair loss in men under 25, and we are going to take a look at the three most common in a little more detail.

How common is male pattern baldness?

One of the more familiar reasons for hair loss in men under 25 is that of male pattern baldness. It is also known by the more medical term of androgenetic alopecia. This is caused by a genetic or hormonal condition and is hereditary. In fact, around 16% of men who are affected by male pattern baldness are under 29, so it’s not that unusual. Whatever age it begins, take comfort in the knowledge that although it’s permanent, it is treatable. It remains one of the most widespread forms of hair loss around the globe but numbers do differ from country to country. The UK currently has the 5th highest count at just under 40% of men going bald in this region. Race and ethnicity can also determine the quantity of men likely to go bald. If you notice signs of thinning hair, perhaps around the hairline or on the crown, you may want to consider hair restorative products and procedures. There are medications, scalp treatments and even surgical options open to anyone experiencing hair loss. Enhance Hair Restoration offer a range of treatments and procedures to cater for this issue. Give them a call to find out more.

How does stress affect hair loss?

We might not always recognise signs that we are becoming more anxious until there is a noticeable physical change.  For some men, the first signs that stress may be having an impact on the body can be increased hair loss.  This is one of the more common reasons for hair loss in men under 25.  During stressful episodes the hair cycle can change.  The growth phase may stop altogether, which will lead to a higher number of hairs shedding over the coming weeks.  This scientific link between an increase in stress levels and hair loss is actually quite a positive thing.  It helps us to understand what causes hair loss in men, but it also provides us with solutions for treating the condition.  If you want to try to stop hair loss from stress, there are a few things you should consider.  Your mental wellbeing is very much aligned with your physical condition and vice versa.  Take time for self-care.  Whether that be through diet, exercise, meditation or another activity that brings you peace.

Maintaining balance in your life is reflected in your outward appearance and this includes the strength and condition of your hair.  Make a point of recognising your stress triggers.  Dealing with such things in the early stages may be the action that stops hair loss from stress in its tracks.

Do medical conditions cause hair loss?

Another of the familiar reasons for hair loss in men under 25 can be attributed to certain medical conditions. There are some auto immune diseases, such as alopecia areata, that result in hair loss in men. If this condition takes hold, then your cells will start to attack the hair follicles; this will cause those hairs to fall out. The follicles are usually not destroyed, however, so the condition is reversible and healthy hair is able to regrow. A lack of vitamin D may also contribute to hair loss. Vitamin D is vital to the body for many other reasons too, but particularly for the scalp it is vital in stimulating new and old hair follicles into growing new hair. Hair growth can become stunted without the required amount of vitamin D, so bear this in mind and try to incorporate it into your diet. Certain medications for high blood pressure (captopril and lisinopril in particular) have also been known to cause hair loss in a small number (around 1%) of men. It is well known that some cancer treatments can cause temporary hair loss. A number of medications and hormone treatments will cause hair to fall out, but when the round of treatment is finalised, the hair should begin to thicken and grow back again.

There are several reasons for hair loss in men under 25 years, and the most common have been touched upon here. The overriding message is to take care of your body and mind, stay fit and healthy and get educated about any family connection to hair loss. The sooner you start to take action to prevent or minimise hair loss below the age of 25, the more likely you are to achieve a more favourable outcome. Whatever your concerns are regarding hair loss, you will find a wealth of information and incredible treatments and procedures that should be able to provide you with a permanent head of hair. Enhance Hair Restoration are a great place to start. With experts on hand to answer all your queries, why not give Enhance Hair Restoration a call and start your hair care journey right away?

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