What are the Benefits of Having a Hair Transplant in the UK?

Hair Transplant UK

For those looking for a permanent solution for hair loss, hair transplants in the UK have become an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery procedure. Hair restoration involves harvesting hair from the donor area of the patient’s head and replanting it on the balding area. While it is predominantly male patients who seek this treatment, women also take advantage of the procedure. Thanks to advances in techniques, the results are so natural, even your barber or stylist will not notice you’ve had it done.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in the UK?

Hair transplant cost depends on the procedure used. Here at Enhance Hair Restoration, the cost of an FUE hair transplant usually starts at around £3,000  for up to 1,000 grafts and from £7,000 for up to 3,000 grafts. However, costs are usually a one-off, with hair transplant results lasting a lifetime. 

There may be cheaper alternatives abroad, but we have all heard of the saying, “You get what you pay for.” Many of the very cheapest clinics abroad offer hair transplant service that could be compared to a mass production line. Often, patients are in and out of the clinic on the same day with little personalised care and attention.

Unlicensed Hair Restoration Clinics Abroad

The main reason to visit a hair transplantation clinic abroad is usually to save money. However, the skill and quality of hair transplant surgeons in the UK is high, which has helped to dissuade patients from travelling to other countries. 

An expanding network of unlicensed clinics that are opening outside of the UK may provide cheaper services. However, often the procedures they offer are unlicensed. These hair transplantation clinics are profiting from visitors from abroad, with some patients undergoing this procedure not understanding they are being treated by unregistered and often dangerous surgeons.

Hair Implant Turkey

People researching hair restorations may search for, “How much is a hair transplant in Turkey?”

Worryingly, it appears that some people undergoing hair transplant surgery do not realise they are being treated by surgeons in Turkey who do not have the proper licences to carry out those procedures. Unlicensed clinics operate in residential buildings, offices or even at small hospitals among the black market operators.

The local black market is thought to be linked to a network of travel agencies. The agencies introduce the patients to a clinic, which in return pays the agency commission, per visitor. In many unlicensed clinics, the surgeons leave the work to technicians, sometimes inexperienced medical students, and surgery may end up being carried out by people with no or only limited medical training.

Post-surgery infections or disappointing results are the very least patients should be concerned with, as hair implantation is not the simple procedure black market clinics promote it to be.

Benefits to Staying in the UK for Hair Restoration

Having your hair restoration procedure in the UK takes away the  hassle of international travel. The aftercare phase of your transplant is on your doorstep if you need support from your surgeon.

Although your surgeon abroad will probably speak English, it’s very possible that the rest of their support staff won’t. Surgeons require a team of transplant technicians to work alongside them and being able to communicate your needs with them will be important post operation.

Cost will unsurprisingly play a factor in your decision-making, however, a hair transplant is a surgical procedure and should be treated as seriously as you would any other.

Hair transplants in the UK can only be legally performed in a hospital by a doctor, dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.  

There are a number of crucial things to keep in mind when choosing a hair transplantation clinic to perform your hair transplant surgery including experience, reviews and certifications.

What is the Role of The Care Quality Commission?

In England, hair restoration surgery is within the scope of the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In England, it is a requirement by law that all providers of hair restoration surgery must be registered with the CQC. 

The CQC is an independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. They make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) website lists treatment centres that can perform cosmetic surgery and all independent clinics and hospitals that provide hair transplants in England must be registered with the CQC. 

Why is Certification Important?

Here at Enhance Hair Restoration, we are members of ABHRS, The World FUE institute and ARTAS which has given us access to a network of cosmetic surgery professionals who are committed to patient safety through expanded knowledge and skills. We enjoy privileges that make a real impact on our surgical outcomes and patient care. 

Once a physician becomes board certified, he or she must continue to maintain the certification. Board-certified surgeons can only operate in accredited facilities, are required to continue education, follow strict code of ethics and are highly trained in all aspects of hair restoration surgery.

As members of, or recommended by renowned institutions, it confirms our commitment  to a  global discipline of cosmetic surgery and medicine for the benefit of patients and practitioners.

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